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Working at the intersection of Buddhism,  psychology, symbolism and culture.

Artist Statement

The human experience inspires me: emotional strength; resilience; passion; and an innate desire for personal growth. All are fleeting by nature, yet each is significant and defining. My artistic expression is meant to break boundaries and showcase, nay, encourage self-awareness and societal contemplation of the impermanence of human existence.


Growing up in Bulgaria at the break of communism was a very intense period. Much of my art is a tribute to my life experiences during this time and to this day, it heavily influences how I select my subjects and decide which boundaries to approach. The artistic process has provided me an outlet and the tools to better understand my surroundings, react to decisions made, and discuss the cultural and societal norms I was subjected to and often found offensive. My approach is an acceptance and a rejection of it all.


In my practice, I explore and reflect on emotions, traumatic experiences, and thought processes to illustrate their significance. I utilize art as a therapeutic tool to heal and empower individuals and communities. This is important to me. I believe we should strive to center ourselves in mind, body, and soul. Never ceasing to challenge our ways of thinking. Embrace our vulnerabilities. Accept the impermanence of our emotions. Strive for personal betterment. 


Our collective struggle to embrace impermanence cultivates discord within ourselves and in our personal relationships. We often struggle and suffer in our lives because we resist the momentariness of life. Nothing is meant to last. Everything is subject to constant movement, to a perpetual cycle of change. The earlier we adapt to the changes, the sooner we can fully embrace ourselves, our existence, and the world around us. In change, we have the opportunity to view the world anew.


My artistic method is influenced by chiaroscuro and sfumato techniques and the painters who used them. I am also continuously inspired by symbolist painters such as Edvard Munch, William Blake, and Frida Kahlo. The poetry of Rabindranath Tagore and the philosophy of Buddhism are always present in my process. 


The marriage between the classic and the philosophical in a contemporary context laced with incorporating elements from the digital media, sound and motion is one made for the ages. Introducing my own travels, experiences, and creativeness throughout the process has allowed me to create unique and relevant work. Hopefully, my art will encourage contemplation on life, on emotions, and of one’s ego in order to create a more compassionate and stable world.

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