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Strip the Riches, Extinguish the Light

Exhibition 2020 - 2021

Multiple International Awards And Recognitions Winner

This image is inspired by the simple, yet profound truth “We come penniless to this world, and we leave penniless”

I want to remind the audience that whatever the journey, the end is the same for all of us.

Beyond the extravaganza of life, each and every one of us will end up facing the raw reality of our human condition: a struggling body that carries the stigmates of age, salient bones that become increasingly present and presage of the end coming closer. 

In this series, I am exploring the uncomfortable subject of dying. Utilizing art to talk about uncanny and socially avoided topics is important for me because it has the potential to change our thought process and perspective. In this project I seek to illustrate death, using spiritual teachings, and hopefully this way bring a new perspective to the dwelling process and allow my audience to understand it and accept it as an important part of life, not only when reaching old age.


In many cultures dying is something to fear and is not commonly discussed, we are encouraged to ignore it and hope it doesn’t happen. I believe the avoidance of death is the core of many issues we face in our society and plays an important role in the mental health of our society.  I believe that accepting dying can have a profound positive change in one's life.


The purpose of this series is to discuss this subject openly and to illustrate dying in a poetic and positive way. Changing the way we perceive things and how they affect us can have a significant impact in our appreciation for others and life. This is an extremely difficult subject for me and through this project I envision changing myself and my community, no matter what beliefs or religion we all are- death is something we will all face one day.

Strip the richess, extinguish the light.
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