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Mending The Broken

An interactive installation exploring the impact of COVID-19 on local communities


Currently This installation is in Vilnius, Lithuania since April 2021 and will stay until April 2022. The installation will be build in Washington DC in the beginning of 2022 after receiving a Prince George's County Grant.

While the impact of the pandemic has been uneven, one thing is clear: all of us have had our lives upended for a prolonged period. Such long-term trauma can have lasting effects, often taking years or generations to fully resolve. But where do we begin? What are some first steps we can take to begin healing and mending what has been irrevocably broken? While answers to those questions may take lifetimes to address, we can at least begin with what we do know, with stating what it is we feel now, naming the things that pain us and those that still bring us joy, gathering the pieces and embracing their brokenness. Those are simple, though not always easy steps we can begin to take. This project creates the space for that acknowledgment to begin to take form.

After the exhibition, the cards will be collected and made into a hanging sculpture installation. Your choice will be respected and cards that were placed with the writing facing the wall (private) will not be revealed in sculpture.


1. This space is provided for you to share whatever you feel comfortable with about your experience with COVID-19 and how it has impacted you, whether directly or indirectly.


2. Use an index card to share a story, a memory, someone’s name, a line of poetry, a proverb, a message for the future, or even a small drawing. Anything you feel expresses your emotions.


3. Decide if you want to share publicly or privately. If you wish to allow others to read what you wrote, pin the card so the writing faces out. Otherwise, pin it so the blank side faces you. Decide if you want to include your first name, full name or leave it anonymous.

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