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Samira Sabulis is an artist of mixed Eastern European and Balkan descent based in Washington, DC. She spent her childhood in Poland and Bulgaria. As a young child she became fascinated with Eastern Philosophies, that fascination carried through her personal and professional life and influenced her to this day. At the age of 10 she studied painting and participated in many local competitions, her style is deeply rooted in symbolism and contras.


During teenage years Samira's early art career in movement exposed her to studies of both classical and contemporary dance. Dance became a dominant part in her life and influenced Samira's growth through various pursuits such as becoming a model for famous Bulgarian designers and launching her own TV show.


She Later moved to the USA, continued to study dance as a choreographer and began exploring movement as a deeper expression of emotions and a healing tool. After an injury, she was forced to switch her focus to a different path. In 2008, she completed a degree in International Business at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland and worked for a while in the business world.


She then realized that the true calling has remained to become an artist and use her diverse talents to the study and practice of art. Samira started to work as a creative director and producer in the video industry.  She then took a camera herself and not only became a photographer on fashion sets but she also created fine art nude photography projects that were exhibited in Washington DC.


Samira always surrendered to new challenges that ended up taking her through one of a kind artistic journey. This journey exposed her to art in unique ways. Samira is now focusing on interdisciplinary projects. Her main focus is photography and healing through art, Sabulis draws upon her unique background and experiences to create photographs that express emotion and speak the language of the female body, while using raw beauty as a mechanism to digest painful realities. She manipulates photographs in various ways and incorporates other disciplines such as sound, movement, eastern philosophy and dance into her own creative process.


Her work has been exhibited at the Arty Cube Gallery in Lithuania, Little Bird Nest in Bulgaria, Loosen Art Gallery, Rome, Italy, Wohlfarth Galleries, VisArts, Lala Gallery in Washington DC, other venues in the Washington/Maryland/Virginia area and in the homes and offices of private collectors. Sabulis has been featured in publications including Vogue Italy, Forbes Women Poland, Zmones Lithuania and the Smithsonian Magazine. She has been recognized by numerous International Photography Awards, and has received honorable mentions in the Paris Photography Price, ND Award and Fine Art Photography Award. Sabulis is currently developing unique and controversial projects for 2021 - 2022 and will be exhibiting in Europe and the USA. She looks forward to expressing her world view through interdisciplinary projects while collaborating with other artists around the world.

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