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Life Finds a Way 

Exhibition 2020 - 2021

Multiple International Awards And Recognitions Winner

“As Time Passed, I turned into stone, I forgot who I was and where I was going.

But life finds a way and I shed my skin to start a new beginning.”

This series explores our lives in big cities, disconnected from nature, living behind concrete walls. Being surrounded by cement and isolated from nature makes it easier for our hearts and souls to harden and with time we become part of the concrete jungle we have created. Our urban communities are becoming increasingly detached from wildlife, the countryside and nature.This detachment and lack of connection has negative consequences for conservation because people won’t protect and save something they are not really aware of.  However, nature always tries to resist and finds a way to prevail, even when we try to forget it. Nature reminds us that we are a small part of something vast, complex, ever-evolving and infinitely precious. I believe the message is that we, as humans, have to understand that we are a minor part of a larger universal system provided by nature, an ecological world in which our relationship to nature is not adversarial, but one of care and respect. This series seeks to represent how nature fights to stay alive even with the damage we have done and it conveys the importance of being aware of nature. Humans need to find a way to live as individuals but also as a part of a cooperative system, peacefully coexist with each other and our environment.  


My concept is illustrated by a statue of a woman breaking away from its concrete shell and allowing nature to come back to life. The flowers describe the connection between humans and nature, and the value of peacefully coexisting with each other. Their facial gestures show how delicate and beautiful nature is. I hope my artwork creates awareness and inspires others to change their lifestyle to connect and protect our environment. Nature heals, soothes, restores and connects us to each other and the larger world.

Selected Images Below

Life Finds a way.jpg

Life Finds a Way 

As time passed.png

As Time Has Passed

we have played along side millions of lo

Concrete Souls 

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