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In My Loneliness

Multiple International Awards And Recognitions Winner

“In my loneliness, I am naked and free. I can play with no restrictions or fear of being hurt. I never make mistakes, I don’t judge myself and I am bold with the way my naked body moves.”


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I Flow Like a Melody, Vulnerability is my Muse


Is That Enough?


The Music Never Stops, Even In Silence






In Oblation, Penance Freedom is None

In my Loneliness reflects the beauty of loneliness and the personal space it creates to explore my work, mind, body, and sometimes even nature. Choosing to spend time alone has been a huge psychological blessing for me. I believe this is particularly true in times of personal turmoil, I enjoy isolating and disconnecting myself from society. These ideas are presented in my photographs by nudity suggesting vulnerability, movements that express emotions and actions such as playing an imaginary instrument. The subject is sitting alone on a rustic chair having nothing but herself and some elements of nature to play and interact with.

Nowadays, our lives are fast paced and designed in a way that we never have a chance to stop and think. In fact, most of us dread that moment of doing nothing and call it boredom. We feel uncomfortable and try to quickly find something to fill the gap with. That might be for example, surfing the web or getting lost in endless social media images and videos. It is important to take a moment to be alone and eliminate yourself from the social setting of your life to identify how you are being influenced. Disconnect and ask yourself who I am and what am I doing? Am I in a toxic environment? Do I need a change? Am I happy? 

This is an ongoing project in which I explore the entanglement of my choices to be alone with loneliness. Being alone and/or isolated can be perceived both as negative or positive. It all depends on the state of mind with which you approach it. Here, I am choosing to see it as a positive way to reconnect to yourself. I am yet to address how sometimes it can be hard to rejoin the community and continue nurturing relationships with others.



We are now living in a time of forced isolation because of COVID-19. This situation has awakened the feeling I was exploring with my project and suddenly became very relevant in everyone’s lives. It made me think about the impacts of social distancing. I believe our minds have not yet evolved to understand such digital connection and the implications to our health and subconsciousness are yet to be seen. There is extensive research of the benefits of human touch and in-person communication, this change of lifestyle will greatly affect human kind. It is our responsibility to acknowledge when we are distancing ourselves too much and put some effort to maintain stability by talking to loved ones, exercising, expressing ourselves creatively, and connecting to nature.

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