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Omnia Vanitas

Do you let your vanity take the better of you?

Omnia Vanitas is an uncanny exploration of material vanity in our modern culture and how it distorts the way we see ourselves beyond recognition. My aim is to create awareness of the toxic and harmful outcomes of getting lost in vanity.

Through annihilation and exaggeration I remind the viewer of the painful realities we are forcing ourselves into. Behind the makeup, clothing, plastic surgery, image manipulation, and so on, is the true self lost and forgotten. We become the multiple masks we wear and begin believing in the identity we worked hard to create.

This is a series of distorted photographs that symbolize our overwhelming vain behaviors that twist our minds and distort our perspective of ourselves.

My aim is to present the cost of vanity, to create awareness in the audience and ultimately modify our decisions which are constantly influenced by beauty standards, materialism, appearances and social stigma. I desire to create awareness and foster community dialogue, which addresses our insecurities, fears, and destructive behaviors to ultimately nurture a healthy self-esteem that promotes inner growth and strength rather than fake facade for society. 

More Coming Soon....


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